The San Antonio Spurs through a different lens

The goal of this newsletter and website is to cover the San Antonio Spurs beat in a more nuanced and contextual way than what you would find at a traditional newspaper or media outlet. From my perspective, the day-to-day of the NBA season is covered wonderfully by many folks locally, so giving readers an alternative form of coverage is important.

With rebuilding teams, individual-game details and win-loss records don’t quite matter as much as they would during during seasons that feature a playoff run or a shot at title contention. The goal at Corporate Knowledge is to take an approach that’s similar to the Spurs’ path this year, and focus on the developmental aspect of the team — whether that’s monitoring player improvements and roster-building strategies, or simply telling the stories that illustrate growth in San Antonio.

This approach will obviously change over time as the team eventually claws its way out of the lean years, but this season (and likely over the next couple) the rebuild is what’s most important.

I’ve been a credentialed member of the media covering this team for more than a decade (most recently for The Athletic), and while moving to the world of independent journalism opens up some new possibilities that may differ from the norm, my standards for coverage remain the same. After all, the primary job is to inform.

But what’s great about being independent is the ability to tweak things a little. As time changes all things, being flexible is crucial. And for me, so is making this thing as entertaining as possible. We want to have fun here, because there are a lot of losses on the horizon for this team. So if you’d like to join me in finding as much of the good stuff as possible this season and beyond, all you need to do is subscribe!

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