The Spurs might have to take advantage if the opportunity arises to further secure their NBA Draft perimeter.
Keldon Johnson sealed the Spurs' 102-94 victory over the Jazz on Tuesday, but it was a pair of rookies who gave San Antonio the life it needed.
The Spurs' sturdy swingman has shouldered a level of responsibility that's beyond his pay grade this season, but both he and the Spurs hope it will have…
As his team headed into the All-Star break following its 14th consecutive loss, the Spurs' coach left it with some words to remember.
When Donovan Mitchell crossed up the Spurs rookie and sent him sliding to the floor, all the 19-year-old could do was laugh it off and get ready for…
Plus, a look at San Antonio's big-man situation, the 30,000-foot view of its stockpile of assets, and what's going on with the team's cap space.
The familiar face won't be around long, as San Antonio continues to take on assets in exchange for access to its fertile dumping grounds.
Plus, y'all dove into some Keldon Johnson and Devin Vassell talk, as well as a spicy NBA Draft hypothetical for which I don't have a great answer.
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